Join the Nobel Laureates for the Exploration of the Universe
Date: 2021-07-17
Source: WLA
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Adam Riess, 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics:
I think astronomy is a fascinating subject of great interest to many people all over the planet for actually thousands of years. We learn a great deal about life here on earth by looking up into the stars to learn the basic laws of physics. And plus it's very interesting. We look for evidence of could there be life out there, is there mysterious new physics? And I encourage people to come to the museum and enjoy the wonders of space, the amazing telescope images and get excited about the science of astronomy.

Michel Mayor, 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics:
The results of science belong to everyone. It is a pleasure and a duty for all researchers, especially us astronomers, to share our knowledge of the cosmos.

David Gross, 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics, former President of American Physics Society (APS):
The most important role of museum is to attract young children and young adults to science, to inform them of what we have learned about the universe, and how it works, and what questions and exploration remains for them to engage in.

Didier Queloz, 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics:
Museums are true landmark of cities and culture. They have the task to share and distribute the knowledge essential to better apprehend the world where we live.

I hope it will stimulate the interest of the new generations by displaying, explaining, showing the beauty and also the profound questions hidden in our universe.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum (Credit: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum)