John Pickett
  • 2008 Wolf Prize in Agriculture


British chemist who is noted for his work on insect pheromones. He was awarded the 2008 Wolf Prize with James H. Tumlinson and W. Joe Lewis for their remarkable discoveries of mechanisms
governing plant-insect and plant-plant interactions. Their scientific contributions on chemical ecology have fostered the development of integrated pest management and significantly advanced agricultural sustainability.

Education and Work Experience

1993, D.Sc. in Chemical Ecology, University of Nottingham
2007-2010, Director of Centre for Sustainable Pest and Disease Management Scientific, Rothamsted Research
2010-2017, Michael Elliott Distinguished Research Fellow
2017-Present, Professor of Biological Chemistry (Honorary Distinguished Professor in 2017), Cardiff University

Honors and Awards

1996, Fellow of Royal Society
2004, CBE, for the services to Biological Chemistry 2008, Wolf Prize in Agriculture
2014, Foreign Associate of the United States National Academy of Sciences

Major Academic Achievements

The research efforts of John A. Pickett, James H. Tumlinson and W. Joe Lewis have led to a paradigm shift in integrated pest management in agriculture. For many years, Professor John A. Pickett has contributed significantly to the field of chemical ecology and agriculture worldwide, and has achieved an international reputation equaled by
few. He has opened up new areas of research with novel approaches and then applied basic research results by developing innovative control strategies for agricultural pests and weeds. By integrating techniques from molecular biology, electrophysiology, biochemistry and behavior, he has positioned himself at the cutting-edge of the field. As a result, Pickett has become a world leader in the development of sustainable, environmentally-sound methods of insect pest management, based on use of semio-
chemicals to manipulate the behavior of pests and their natural enemies.