Didier Queloz
  • 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics


Swiss astronomer, professor at the University of Cambridge, as well as a professor at the
University of Geneva. He was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with Michel Mayor "for the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star".

Education and Work Experience

1990-1995, M.S., Ph.D. in Physics, the University of Geneva
2012-Present, Professor at the University of Geneva
2013-Present, Professor at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge

Honors and Awards

2017, Wolf Prize in Physics
2019, Nobel Prize in Physics

Major Academic Achievements

He is at the origin of the exoplanet revolution in astrophysics. Until recently, the Solar System has provided us with the only basis for our knowledge of planets and life in the universe. In 1995 Prof Queloz has dramatically changed this view with the discovery he made with Michel Mayor of the first giant planet outside the solar system. This seminal discovery has spawned a real revolution in astronomy both in terms of new instrumentation and understanding of planet formation and evolution. Since then Prof Queloz has been involved in a successful series of developments of precise spectrographs, considerable improving the precision of the Doppler technique.