Davor Solter
  • 2018 Canada Gairdner International Award


2018 Canada Gairdner International Award Yugoslavian-born developmental biologist. In 2018, he received the Canada Gairdner International Award for “the discovery of mammalian genomic
imprinting that causes parent-of-origin specific gene expression and its consequences for development and disease.”

Education and Work Experience

1971, Ph.D. in Biology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
1973-1991, Associate Scientist, Associate Professor and Professor, Wistar Institute
1991-Present, Adjunct Wistar Professor, Wistar Institute
2007-Present, Emeritus Director and Member, Max-Planck-Institute of Immunobiology, Department of Developmental Biology, Freiburg, Germany

Honors and Awards

1998, March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology 2006, Rosenstiel Award
2018, Canada Gairdner International Award

Major Academic Achievements

Through his career Davor Solter has made significant contributions to many areas of mammalian developmental biology, including differentiation of germ layers, the role of cell surface molecules in regulating early development, the biology and genetics of teratocarcinomas, the biology of embryonic stem cells, genomic imprinting, and cloning. His current research interest focuses on genetic and epigenetic mechanism regulating preimplantation mouse development and reprogramming in human embryonic stem cells.