Bruce William Stillman
  • 2019 Canada Gairdner International Award


President and Chief Executive Officer of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In 2019, he received the
Canada Gairdner International Award for“pioneering research on the eukaryotic DNA replication cycles including initiation, regulation and responses to DNA damage.”

Education and Work Experience

1975, Bachelor degree with honors, University of Sydney
1979, Ph.D., Australian National University
1985-Present, Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2003-Present, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Honors and Awards

1999, Order of Australia
2010, Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize
2019, Canada Gairdner International Award

Major Academic Achievements

Dr. Stillman is most widely known for his ground-breaking discovery of the Origin Recognition Complex (ORC), the initiator protein complex that is universal among eukaryotes. His subsequent research determined how the initiation of chromosome replication occurs and how it is regulated. By describing the exact sequence of events involved in DNA replication, Stillman and Diffley have provided key insights into how our genome is duplicated and how this process is coordinated with many other essential cellular events, which have implications for understanding genome instability and tumour heterogeneity in cancer.