Peidong Yang
  • 2015 MacArthur Fellowship


Nanomaterials scientist. He was the 2015 MacArthur Fellows, opening new horizons for “tackling the global challenge of clean, renewable energy sources through transformative advances in the science of semiconductor nanowires and nanowire photonics”.

Education and Work Experience

1997, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Harvard University
2009-Present, Senior Faculty Scientist, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2012-Present, S. K. and Angela Chan Distinguished Chair in Energy, UC Berkeley 、
2019-Present, Director of Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute

Honors and Awards

2014, Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
2015, MacArthur Fellowship
2015, World Outstanding Chinese Award
2016, Member of the United States National Academy of Sciences

Major Academic Achievements

Professor Peidong Yang has pioneered research in semiconductor nanowires and atomic assembly, and is expected to apply a range of high-tech equipment such as micro LEDs and lasers to the transistors, computer circuits, solar panels and biosensors. He uses innovative synthesis and assembly processes in semiconductor nanowire and heterostructure research, and applies his research to nanowire-based photovoltaics, thermoelectric, solar energy conversion, and nanofluids. From the development of the first nanowire laser to the design of nanowire solar cells, his team has made several major breakthroughs in the field of nanowire photonics research. In addition to basic research, Peridong Yang also values the practical application of nanowires. His research results have been embodied in the commercial equipment of thermoelectrical waste heat utilization, chemical sensors, optical switches and so on.