John Hopcroft
  • 1986 Turing Award


IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at Cornell University. In 1986, he received the Turing Award (jointly with Robert Tarjan) “for fundamental achievements in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures.”

Education and Work Experience

1964, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
1972-Present, Professor of Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
1994-2001, Dean of Department of Engineering, Cornell University
2004-Present, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, Cornell University

Honors and Awards

1986, Turing Award
2010, IEEE von Neumann Medal
2016, Friendship Award from the Chinese Government
2017, Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Major Academic Achievements

Prof. Hopcroft explored efficient structures for storing data in a computer, and created efficient algorithms for solving the problems they could represent. This work, new and exciting at the time, is now part of the standard computer science curriculum. His work on formal languages and the analysis of algorithms has made John Hopcroft one of the handful of pioneering computer scientists who put the discipline on a firm theoretical foundation. His co-authored texts on formal languages and their relation to automata and on the design and analysis of algorithms became the standards for a generation of computer scientists. His current work, which again uses graph models, explores ways to track social networks and build the search engines of the future.