Laureates and the younger generation of scientists together show the beauty of science: “Science Carnival” of Shanghai International Media Port successfully kicks off
Date: 2020-11-04
Source: CMG Shanghai central station
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Photo: TED Talks by Young Scientists poster

The 3rd World Laureates Forum was held in Shanghai from October 30 to November 1, 2020. The first “Science Carnival” of Shanghai International Media Port, the official event of the forum, also kicked off as scheduled on November 1. “Science Carnival” is jointly organized by China Media Group (CMG) Shanghai central station and the World Laureates Association, initiator of the forum. Global laureates, well-known Chinese academicians, young scientists and amateur teen scientists gathered at CMG Shanghai International Media Port to participate in interesting science exchange activities such as “TED Talks by Young Scientists,” “Master Sharing Session” and “I Am a Teen Scientist” interactive exhibition.


Photo: Site of Shanghai International Media Port “Science Carnival” 

Hu Jinjun, executive deputy director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, and Qi Zhuquan, head of the CMG Shanghai project preparation group, addressed the event.


Photo: Hu Jinjun, executive deputy director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee delivered a speech

Hu Jinjun, executive deputy director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, stated in his speech that the first “Science Carnival” of 2020 Shanghai International Media Port, as the official event of the 3rd World Laureates Forum, is another important measure to implement the framework agreement on deepening the strategic cooperation between CMG and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Shanghai welcomes and supports more in-depth cooperation with CMG on this top global scientific forum, to pool global innovative wisdom, support the growth of young scientific and technological talents, and help Shanghai grow into a science and technology center through the stage of “Science Carnival” of Shanghai International Media Port.


Photo: Qi Zhuquan, head of the CMG Shanghai project preparation group delivers a speech.

Qi Zhuquan, head of the CMG Shanghai project preparation group, said that since the opening of the CMG Yangtze River Delta Regional headquarters and CMG Shanghai central station more than a year ago, themed light shows, China Movie & TV Night, Fashion Carnival and many other large-scale events have been successfully held at Shanghai International Media Port. This “Science Carnival” is another move to build the International Media Port into “a world-class film and television base, a cultural and creative highland, an international fashion capital, and a favorite place of citizens.” In the future, with the help of ultra-high-definition video and audio production and broadcasting, the International Media Port will present the national key laboratories, build a national science base, and lead more youngsters into the world of science.


Photo: Shanghai International Media Port “Science Carnival”

1、青年科学家TED演讲 聆听前沿科学之美

TED Talks by Young Scientists: An introduction to cutting-edge science


Photo: TED Talks by Young Scientists poster

What impact does the “earth magnetic storm” have on human life? What will happen if we apply new technologies to psychology? In the TED Talks by young scientists during the “Science Carnival,” Yu Lizhong, senior education expert and scientist, NYU Shanghai’s founding chancellor, officially started the first big event of the “Science Carnival” as the referrer of younger-generation scientists.  After his introduction, five representatives of young scientists, including professor Xuefeng Jiang from School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, East China Normal University, Wang Linghua,  professor at School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, and winner of the 12th L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science, He Jibo, associate professor of psychology at School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Jiaxing Huang, professor at Northwestern University, Xian-min Jin, chief scientist of the Center for Integrated Quantum Information Technologies, SJTU, etc., brought various cutting-edge academic achievements in their respective fields. Through diversified expressions, they explained the cutting-edge technologies of multiple disciplines and the changes that these scientific research achievements have made to the public’s work and life.


“Science Carnival” Master Sharing Session: A cross-border dialogue between science and art


Photo: poster of “Science in Film and Television” during the Master Sharing Session

The Master Sharing Session in the afternoon brought the “Science Carnival” of International Media Port to the climax with the topic of “Science in Film and Television” and a powerful lineup of honored guests. Wang Jianyu, dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Michael Levitt, vice chairman of the World Laureates Association and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Yu Lizhong, founding chancellor of NYU Shanghai, Cheng Bo, deputy dean of Shanghai Film Academy at Shanghai University, shared wonderful views on the spot. Liu Cixin, science fiction writer, Kip Stephen Thorne, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics and science consultant for films of Interstellar and Tenet, and Robert Kirshner, winner of the 2015 Wolf Prize in Physics, also joined the dialogue via video, realizing cross-border exchanges between science and art. They used popular Chinese and foreign films and television programs as examples to explain the science in them in detail. From the interweaving of positive and negative entropy to gravitational waves, all those profound topics immediately became clear and easy to understand.

3、“我是小科学家”互动展 奇思妙想 后生可畏

“I Am a Teen Scientist” interactive exhibition: the whimsical and awesome teens


Photo: “I Am a Teen Scientist” interactive exhibition 

In the afternoon, the interactive exhibition “I Am a Teen Scientist” also unveiled in the first “Science Carnival” of 2020 Shanghai International Media Port. A total of 28 “scientific research projects” by amateur teen scientists were exhibited in this event, covering everything from thoughts on cutting-edge scientific theories to inventions and creations in daily life. Among them, at the invitation of the World Laureates Association, 15 projects from 17 “teen scientists of the World Laureates Association” from across the country participated in the exhibition. At the same time, amateur teen scientists from many middle schools in Shanghai invited by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology also brought 13 projects to share and exchange. This event specially set up a session: the “Dialogue between Senior and Teen Scientists.” Scientists, academicians and young scientists participating in the Science Carnival were invited to interact with the teens to encourage them to continue to develop their creativity, explore in the field of science, and enjoy the charm and fun of science.

The videos of the activities during the “Science Carnival” will be available on the “Xuexi Qiangguo” APP and the relevant new media platforms of CMG. The Yangshipin account “Shanghai Central Station” of CMG Shanghai central station will broadcast more exciting video clips, stay tuned!


CMG Shanghai central station will hold “China Urban Digital Economy Forum · 2020” in late December


Photo: “China Urban Digital Economy Forum·2020” poster

At the event of the day, CMG Shanghai central station announced at International Media Port that “China Urban Digital Economy Forum · 2020” will be held in Shanghai from December 28 to December 29, with the theme of “Drive Future Development with Digital, Intelligent, and Sharing Economy,” and the opening conference is scheduled on December 28.

Qi Zhuquan, head of the CMG Shanghai project preparation group, introduced that in 2020, the rapid recovery of China’s economy from the COVID-19 epidemic and the growth rate upturn from negative to positive owe a lot to the development of the digital economy supported by China’s new businesses and new patterns in recent years. The epidemic highlights the huge advantages of digital economy and its important role in opening up the domestic economic cycle, stimulating domestic demand, and promoting consumption.

The forum will invite leaders of national ministries and local governments, as well as heads of representative companies of the digital economy, to jointly focus on and look forward to the development trend of urban digital economy in China; release the 2020 China Urban Digital Economy Development Report; hold the International Media Port Entrepreneur Salon and exhibitions on the development of China’s urban digital economy. International Media Port (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd.[SEELE2]  and Beiwen Era (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd. will jointly host the forum.