Education alliance will help interest children in science
Date: 2020-10-31
Source: SHINE
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Education alliance will help interest children in science

The WLA Science Education Alliance was set up during the third World Laureates Forum.

An alliance aimed at promoting science education in youngsters was unveiled at the third World Laureates Forum.

The WLA Science Education Alliance, proposed by the World Laureates Association and the East China Normal University, hopes to interest youngsters in science, raise their science awareness and improve their ability to explore.

Now, 1,024 primary and middle schools across the country have joined in the alliance, becoming practice bases of the WLA Science Education Alliance. They include Shanghai Daning International Elementary School, Guangzhou ZhiXin High School and Hefei No.1 High School.

During the forum, the association also formed a strategic partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in sharing academic resources, cultivating talent, co-building scientist communities and promoting international exchanges.

Under the agreement, they will hold academic lectures, summer schools and international academic meetings. They will also help build the World Laureates Community in Lingang area, and contribute to Shanghai’s development in becoming an innovation hub as well as the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

In the latest cooperation, the association will invite winners of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Lasker Medical Research Awards and other top scientific awards to help the university compose a journal to celebrate its 125 years.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Yang Meiping