Q & A from the 2023 WLA Prize Laureate in Life Science or Medicine--Daniela Rhodes
Date: 2023-09-14
Source: WLA
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Picture credit to: Daniela Rhodes

(1) What were you doing when informed of winning the WLA Prize? Can you share your emotions upon receiving the notification from the Chair please? What thoughts or opinions do you have regarding the award please?
I was first stunned and then rather overwhelmed when I received the phone call from the Chair of the WLA Prize Committee. It seemed particularly unreal as I was not in the lab. or my office, but up a mountain close to the small village in Tuscany (Italy) I was born in. I am deeply honored to be a recipient of such a prestigious award and happy to be sharing it with my colleagues Luger and Richmond.  


(2) We are delighted to know that you will attend the award ceremony and the 6th WLA Forum in Shanghai. What are your expectations for both the Ceremony and Forum? Additionally, do you have any particular anticipations regarding your travels to Shanghai?
It will be wonderful to catch up with my colleagues at the Forum and interact with other Laureates. As for the Ceremony I am sure it will be very grand and it will be particularly moving to have my son there and possibly my brother. My son is a big supporter of my research.

Regarding the travel, I have been to Shanghai before as guest of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am looking forward to returning – Shanghai is a fascinating city. I leave the travel arrangements to your safe hands.  

You are also very much welcome to share some interesting stories about yourself, regarding your personal life or your research, etc. if you would like to.
I regard myself very fortunate to have spent my career in an environment – the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK - that was very stimulating and enriching and where decisions were based on science. This allowed me to meet many great scientists (men and women) from allover the World that became friends. And mostly we had a great time doing science together!