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Date: 2023-04-21
Source: WLA
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This week we discussed a lot about environmental protection which called for behavioral changes, and the progresses which had already been made by scientists. Also, we discovered that plants can produce informative sound. 

Plants emit sounds in ULTRASONIC when stressed. Furthermore, those sounds are Informative.

"Technological innovation will take us only so far: behavioral change is also needed." For a cleaner and healthier world, people need to rethink about walking and cycling as ways of transportation maybe.

While sustainability is of top priority in the short term according to Stanley Whittingham, 2019 Nobel laureate in Chemistry said"We must eliminate single-use plastics. They are destroying the environment”, comment by him on the WLA Forum.

A Next Generation of Closed-loop Recyclable Plastics plastic based on poly, in other words, nonpetroleum starting materials, will save the time and energy of recycling and alleviate pollution.

How do scientists cut their carbon emissions?" Researchers from fields spanning astronomy to biology are trying to decarbonize their research . " Every single effort matters in addressing global issues whether it is water crisis, climate changes or racial equality.

Picture credit to: Nature