World Laureates Forum: The 5th World Laureates Forum awards two scientists with WLA Prize
Date: 2022-11-07
Source: CGTN
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In Shanghai, the Fifth World Laureates Forum saw two scientists awarded with the WLA Prize. The prize in the Computer Science or Mathematics field went to American computer scientist Michael I. Jordan, and German biochemist Dirk Görlich won the prize in the Life Science or Medicine field. Both scientists received a reward of 10 million yuan, or some 1.4 million U.S. dollars. Wang Siwen has more.

Gathering the world's brightest, the Fifth World Laureates Forum kicks off in Shanghai, organized by World Laureates Association, China Association for Science and Technology, and China Media Group.

Attracting a big number of overseas science award winners, top scientists from around the world attend the event, including 27 Nobel Prize laureates.

Also among the participants are the two first winners of the WLA Prize, which was set up during last year's forum.

MICHAEL I. JORDAN Winner 2022 WLA Prize in Computer Science or Mathematics "We have a tradition at Berkeley that when someone gets a prize, on the email, there's a congratulations from everybody going around all day long. So it's very nice you get 100 emails of congratulations."

DIRK GÖRLICH Winner 2022 WLA Prize in Life Science or Medicine "I felt surprised and very happy. I feel extremely honored. I should also say one should not do science just in waiting for an award. Science itself is very rewarding. It's a great privilege to do science."

The World Laureates Association said the prize recognizes truly outstanding scientists, who have not yet had international recognition for their achievements.

RANDY W. SCHEKMAN Vice Chairman of the World Laureates Association 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine "The ambition of the WLA has always been to increase the awareness of science across international boundaries. Particularly, with reference to Chinese scholars and scholars in the west, we feel very strongly that whatever political differences there may be, science is an open international community and that the free exchange of ideas, and people back and forth across these boundaries is very important for the progress of science."

More than 30 Chinese academics, around 50 young scientists and over 100 "science teens" also attended the forum. Speakers shared the latest developments in their respective fields, and foreign scientists praised the increased cooperation with Chinese scientists.

ANDRE GEIM 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics "I have close colleagues, for example, in Shenzhen I have a laboratory which partially carries my name, but in reality I collaborate with those people very closely, published, doing some very nice research sometimes led by my group, sometimes it's led by their group, but it's real."

WANG SIWEN Shanghai "During the forum, the first World Laureates Association prize are awarded, WLA laboratories will be opened to scientists, and the permanent site of the World Laureates Forum, which is behind me, has been officially unveiled. WSW, CGTN, SH."

The WLA Prize aims to recognize and support researchers and tech developers worldwide for their contributions to science. It was the first time the WLA prize was introduced.


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