The 5th WLA Forum Call for Submission of Academic Posters Session
Date: 2022-08-26
Source: WLA
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In 2022, the 5th WLA Forum will be held in Shanghai as promised in early November. In order to achieve three missions, namely “Promote Basic Sciences, Advocate for International Cooperation, Committed to the Development of Youth”, an academic posters session will be organized. The event calls for the submission from postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently enrolled in academic institutes or research institutes, encouraging young talents to share research work, as to inspire innovative ideas through academic interaction in science fields.
The nominees’ posters will be exhibited in the WLA Forum. The winner will receive an award of up to 5,000 yuan and will be invited to the forum and meet with the world's prestigious scientists face-to-face.

1. Organizer
WLA Laboratories

2. Eligibility of Submission
Authors of poster submission for presentations must be postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently enrolled in academic or research institutes with research subjects in related fields described in Poster Subjects.

3. Submission Deadline
 30th September, 2022

4. Awards 
1)First prize (2 winners): CNY 5000 per
2)Second prize (5 winners): CNY 3000 per
3)Third prize (10 winners): CNY 1500 per
4)All nominees of exhibited posters: Commemorative Certificate and Souvenir.

* The awards are pre-taxed and distributed within 60 working days after the Forum.

5. Submission Requirements
1)Required Materials
·Your Poster (see subjects and format below)
·Abstract of the Poster within 500 words
·Letter of Commitment(Electronic signature is invalid, please sign by hand, click here to download)

2)Poster Subjects
Poster subjects must be related to one of the following fields:
·Gene regulation
·Cell biology
·Synthetic chemistry
·Multi-omics research
·Cross-disciplinary research of artificial intelligence (AI)/computing science and the above fields
The content should include but not limited to recent state of the art research to reflect the ability of research and innovation, such as academic achievements, published patents, transformation of scientific research, and awards.

3)Poster Format
Present in English
PDF version, 16 Width:9 Height in ratio, 300 DPI Resolution, within 30MB
The following contents must be included in the poster: poster title, author name, author affiliation, contact information, abstract, major methods and results with necessary figures and tables, discussion and conclusion, important references.
4)Submission Method
Send required materials as attachments OR
a shareable Cloud-disk link through following:
·Google Drive
·Baidu Disk
6. Selection Rules
1)Nominated Posters will be exhibited during the 5th WLA Forum, and email notification of acceptance will be sent before 8th October.
2)The organizer will invite experts in relevant fields to conduct peer review of the posters for exhibition during the forum. Furtherly the experts will evaluate comprehensively and select the most outstanding posters in consideration of subject area, scientific impact, research progress, innovation, and poster layout design, etc.
3)The organizer will offer free lunch and dinner for poster contributors participating in the forum event. Information of transportation and accommodation will be provided. Participants are responsible for the arrangement and the cost.

7. Contact
Contact:Ms. Wu
WeCom QR code:


*WLA Laboratories reserves the right of final interpretation of this posters session.

WLA Laboratories
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