WLA Dialogues Between World Laureates and Generation Z
Date: 2021-11-02
Source: WLA
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The 4th World Laureates Forum kicked off in Shanghai on Monday. WLA co-hosted one of the forum's events with CGTN Think Tank, and National Communication Center for Science and Technology, CAST, which brought top scientists together with young people to discuss topics including science and technology, social science, medical care and arts.

CHAI YANG Associate Prof., Applied Science and Textiles Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University "Previously we attended conference typically in the same field; we discuss technical questions from the same perspective. But attending this conference I can meet with scientists from physics, chemistry, biology, and information science. When we discuss the same question we can look from different perspectives."

JOHN HOPCROFT Recipient of 1986 A.M. Turing Award "I think it's a very important activity and should be continued. There should be more interaction between senior people and junior people. I talked about curiosity in science and about education. We are not training people to get a good job, that's not the purpose of university. The real purpose is to educate someone to have an enjoyable life. And that's why even in science and engineering, humanity and social sciences should be a piece of it. I think it's very valuable."