Artificial Intelligence to Assess Climate Change Tipping Points
Date: 2021-09-23
Source: WLA
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Researchers are developing artificial intelligence that could assess climate change tipping points. The deep learning algorithm could act as an early warning system against runaway climate change.

Chris Bauch (Credit: The Bauch Lab)

Chris Bauch, a professor of applied mathematics at the University of Waterloo, is co-author of a recent research paper reporting results on the new deep-learning algorithm. "We found that the new algorithm was able to not only predict the tipping points more accurately than existing approaches but also provide information about what type of state lies beyond the tipping point," Bauch said. "Many of these tipping points are undesirable, and we'd like to prevent them if we can."
The innovative approach with this AI was programmed to learn not just about one type of tipping point but the characteristics of tipping points generally.