Dialogues Between World Laureates and Young Scientists
Date: 2021-07-28
Source: WLA
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Sheldon Glashow (1979 Nobel Prize in Physics), Randy Schekman (2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine), and Takeo Kanade (2016 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology) inspired 15 brilliant Chinese young scientists (from institutes of the Chinese Academy Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), at the Dialogues Between World Laureates and Young Scientists on July 28.
The conversation and discussion covered the vital importance of international collaboration for research and training, the key to solving the toughest problems, and answers to assess if research is promising and what potential research directions are.

Yonghao SUN from Institute of Physics, CAS, raising questions to Sheldon Glashow

"All children are born curious," Sheldon Glashow said, "schools should encourage curiosity, because you cannot be a creative scientist without being imaginative, curious, interested in things outside the box." 

Randy Schekman showing calligraphy from his Chinese student

"There is no question the coronavirus is not going away," Randy Schekman shared his insights into what governments and researchers should do to develop anti-virus drugs, "we need to continue a very aggressive government, private research effort, design to find more targets and drugs." 

Takeo Kanade had a conversation with young scientists at the Dialogues Between World Laureates and Young Scientists

"Innovation is not new, is not seeking new things. Innovation resides at the intersection of invention and insight, leading to the creation of social and economic values. Thus, the innovation must start with problems," Takeo Kanade stressed the meaning of innovation.