Nobel Laureates signed the "Open Science Initiative"
Date: 2021-06-01
Source: WLA
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The Covid-19 outbreak deepened the concerns about how Open Science activities could be implemented. The laureates, therefore, looked afresh at Open Science as more comprehensive defined pillars--The idea behind the Open Science Initiative, which was coordinated by World Laureates Association (WLA), is not only to allow scientific information and outputs to be more widely accessible but support the spirit of open sharing of both the process as well as the results of science, and encourage the open and free exchange of ideas and dialogue to enable the more rampant advance of knowledge. 

The Open Science Initiative aims to bridge the science, technology, and innovation gaps, promote communications and cooperation, and especially support young scientists.


“By the process of inviting signatures to the document to remind all those who may consider doing so or may decide to sign may join in the effort of the dissemination of knowledge and the free exchange of ideas.”--Roger Kornberg