Podcast makes Open Science more acceptable
Date: 2021-06-28
Source: WLA
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The ORION Open Science Podcast ( started as a way to communicate with new audiences. For science to be open, information has to be accessible, and taking advantage of this unique audio medium was too good an opportunity to pass up. The podcast officially launched with episode one in 2019 and is now in its second season with the podcast hosts Luiza Bengtsson and Zoe Ingram who have deep dive discussions with experts on a wide variety of topics related to Open Science. 

The development team considers it as an “inspiring story” which is possible to use this format to deliver education and training material in a conversational way. The flexibility of being able to record from almost anywhere is especially useful and the format lends itself to discussion that brings out passion in speakers that is rarely seen in classical lectures. 

They noticed soon that a podcast could also tell the audience about current research in Open Science. The mapped the content of each podcast episode onto the Foster Open Science Taxonomy. They quickly got an interesting snapshot of the different subjects that they have covered, with a particular emphasis on Public Engagement and Science Communication. Interestingly, by comparing the podcast topics to the taxonomic chart, they realised that some of the episodes could not be characterised at all. They discovered that Preprints, Public Engagement and Open Science Training were not represented in the taxonomy which can now be updated. Open Science is such a fast-moving field that it’s easy to fall behind. That is why it is crucial to take inspiration from the work that we do in Open Science and take the effort to communicate it well to the research community.