Science Europe attaches more importance to "scientific research" and "open science"
Date: 2021-06-28
Source: WLA
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- Science Europe released 2020 Annual Report on 26 May, 2021 ( 
The year 2020 saw a global pandemic attest to the value of science and the association realised that scientific research became more relevant and important than ever in 2020.
This report is used as an opportunity to reflect on the association scientific board’s achievements and to face the challenges that lie ahead. Science Europe continues   to provide concrete scientifice recommendations from these 5 aspects: Covid-19, European research area, EU framework programmes, Research policy and Reseach collaboration.
- On 25 May 2021, more than 880 universities and research-performing and research-funding organisations united within CESAER, EUA, and Science Europe call on all publishers to stop requiring researchers to sign over their rights and to end the use of restrictions and embargoes. The joint statement, signed by the presidents of the three organisations, is a strong show of support for Open Science and Open Access.
Currently, publishers commonly require authors to sign exclusive publishing agreements that restrict what authors can do with their research findings. The statement urges this outdated system to be replaced and supports a diversity of models for the open dissemination of research for the greater benefit of society.
The statement expresses deep concern regarding the unclear practices of some publishers, in particular the examples recently reported by cOAlition S, that complicate and confuse matters for researchers. The organisations urge publishers to reconsider their position and modernise their approaches in a way that fully respects researchers’ rights, including sharing their peer-reviewed research findings without restrictions or embargoes.