Update on UNESCO Open Science
Date: 2021-06-28
Source: WLA
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The Intergovernmental special committee meeting of technical and legal experts which served for the examination of the draft UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science (, took place online on 6-7 May and 10-12 May, 2021 ( 

The idea behind Open Science is to allow scientific information, data and outputs to be more widely accessible (Open Access) and more reliably harnessed (Open Data) with the active engagement of all the stakeholders (Open to Society).
The recent response of the scientific community to the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated very well, how open science can accelerate the achievement of scientific solutions for a global challenge.

Thus, Open Science movement motivated by UNESCO is aimed at building a coherent vision of Open Science and a shared set of overarching principles and shared values. Open Science can be a true game changer in bridging the science, technology and innovation gaps between and within countries and fulfilling the human right to science.

At the webcast meeting, on 6-7 May and 10-12 May, 2021,  the special committee of technical and legal experts examined the draft UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science and the following issues pointed by the member states (
- prime importance of research quality and integrity; 
- definition, actors and stakeholders of Open Science; 
- centrality of capacity-building for Open Science; 
- importance of international solidarity and international collaborations for Open Science;
- links between intellectual property rights and Open Science; 
- implementation and monitoring of Open Science.