Raj Reddy Inducted as a CHM 2021 Fellow
Date: 2021-06-28
Source: WLA
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Source: WLA

Raj Reddy was inducted as a CHM 2021 Fellow for his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer science education at the awarding ceremony from 5 to 6:30 pm, June 24 (PDT). 

The awarding ceremony ended with "Bet on the Future" with Raj Reddy, Gordon Bell, John Hennessy, Eand D. Lazowska participating. "So my prediction is we will have a digital Babel fish in your ear, and translate all the languages of the earth. To be more specific, in 10 years, anyone will be able to watch any movie or talk to anyone in any language," Raj Reddy made his prediction.