Xuhang and Parkland Foundation make 1billion RMB donation to the WLA Foundation
Date: 2021-04-08
Source: WLA
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Mr Xuhang (LEFT) and Parkland Foundation make 1billion RMB donation to the WLA Foundation

The WLA Foundation has received its first donation, a contribution from Mr Xuhang and Parkland Foundation of one billion RMB,as in a joint statement released on Thursday.

WLA Executive Committee (Roger Kornberg, Steven Chu, Venki Ramakrishnan, Michael Levitt and Randy Schekman) expressed heartfelt thanks for the generosity and praised it as “will have a great impact on the success of the WLA and on science in China” and “will not only attract more public attention to basic scientific research, but will also serve as a model for global support for science”.

Mr Xu Hang, as an outstanding entrepreneur and founder of Parkland Foundation , insisted on applying innovations to improve social development by promoting technological progress, investing in areas such as artificial intelligence, chip technology, and new materials.

The mission of the WLA, "Science and Technology, for the Common Destiny of Mankind", has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.The donation from Mr Xuhang and Parkland Foundation is the first step in the establishment of the WLA Foundation, and also important for encouraging the business community to join the WLA cause. The donation of 1 billion RMB will be mainly used to promoting basic science, advocating international cooperation, and supporting the growth of young people.

The WLA Foundation will support WLA to carry out more valuable projects through professional management and operation, thus attracting more enterprises and individuals to devote themselves to science in various ways, Secretary-General of the WLA Mr. Wanghou said.