WLA Forum

The WLA Forum, initiated by World Laureates Association (WLA) in 2018, is the highest-profile science conference and the foremost scientific gathering of prize winners in the world. Each year, world laureates, outstanding young scientists, and experts across all sectors convene in Shanghai, exchange insights on international cooperation, breakthroughs in basic science, challenges and opportunities for technology advancement, and critical global issues facing mankind. The WLA Forum proves to be a valuable platform for communications across national borders, fields, disciplines, and generations.
The Coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly demonstrated how critical being open can be to society - the unprecedented global collaboration and access to research data accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, clinical treatment, and precautions. Although great strides in Open Science have been - and are being - made to enable increased progress in combating the pandemic, we are still far from realizing the vision and promise of the 2030 SDGs. Pressing problems like climate change, food shortages, energy crises, and biodiversity loss require an inclusive, open, and trusted research community.
To this end, the WLA Forum has carefully chosen "Open Science: Build an Open Innovation Ecosystem" as its annual theme. The 4th WLA Forum, once again, brought together the esteemed experts, leading thinkers, innovators, policymakers, and leaders from around the world and aim to explore the value of openness; what a resilient, open science policy looks like; and how to foster sharing and collaboration globally and sustainably. 
The 4th WLA Forum has set up over 100 conferences and activities, including a series of essential activities such as the Opening Ceremony & the Keynote Session of "Open Science: Build an Open Innovation Ecosystem", the WLA Closed-Door Symposium, and the Groundbreaking Ceremony of WLA Laboratories. In addition, the flagship forums such as WLA Mobius Forum, WLA Young Scientists Forum, and WLA Sci-T Conference will also take place. For the first time in the history of the event, the WLA Zero Carbon Series was established, including WLA Global Health Series, WLA Digital Technology Series, WLA Frontier Lectures, WLA Master Lectures, as well as special forums such as WLA University Presidents Forum, WLA Hospital Leaders Forum, WLA SHE Forum, etc. At the same time, the Forum released critical scientific achievements and research reports of the WLA Think Tank. During the Forum, the "WLA Prize" established with an exclusive donation of 500 million RMB from Sequoia China was launched. Scientific progress together with WLA Think Tank reports was published.

Roger Kornberg
2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Randy W. Schekman
2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Michael Levitt
2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Steven Chu
1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association