The World Laureates Association

World Laureates Association (hereinafter, “WLA”) is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization. It was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong by Roger Kornberg (2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Richard Lerner (1994 Wolf Prize in Chemistry), Barry Sharpless (2001 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Michael Levitt (2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Kurt Würtrich (2002 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry); with Roger Kornberg as the Founding Chairman.

WLA has 163 laureate members, including 68 Nobel Laureates, 27 Wolf Prize Winners, 15 Lasker Award Winners, 9 Turing Award Winners, 6 Fields Medal Winners, 15 Breakthrough Prize Winners, 4 Kyoto Prize Winners, 11 Canada Gairdner International Award Winners, 1 World Food Prize Winner, 3 MacArthur Fellows, and 4 other outstanding scientists. Scientist members cover a wide range of research fields, including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Economics and Computer Science. They are from 80 world’s leading laboratories and research institutions in 25 countries.

WLA upholds the vision of “Science and Technology for the Common Destiny of Mankind” and three missions of promoting basic science, advocating for international cooperation, and supporting the development of youth. WLA is dedicated to mobilizing top scientists from all disciplines and nationalities around the world to participate in a wide variety of scientific research and academic exchange activities.

Roger Kornberg
2006 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Randy W. Schekman
2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Michael Levitt
2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association
Vice Chairman
Steven Chu
1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Vice-Chairman of the World Laureates Association