Recently, President Xi Jinping addressed the 3rd World Laureates Forum via video. “China is ready to implement a more open, inclusive, and mutual beneficially international scientific strategy, and is willing to work with top scientists and international sci-tech organizations around the world to strengthen research on major scientific issues, make breakthroughs in common sci-tech problems and deepen cooperation and coordination in key strategic sci-tech projects.”

2020-10-30 CCTV
“Science Carnival”successfully kicks off
2020-11-04 CMG Shanghai central
The Top Scientific Event Set an Example of Opennes
2020-10-30 Xinhua News Agency
2019-10-31 Xinhua News Agency
2020-11-09 xinmin
2020-11-01 World Laureates Forum
Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has been a global pandemic in the evening of March 11, 2020, WHO (WHO) officially announced. What kind of latest research and viewpoints will b ... learn more
Space Forum Series
WLA and CCTV news jointly launched "space Forum Series". The first issue will discuss deep space exploration with Nobel Prize scientists. learn more
Top Scientists News
Connect with the world's top scientists to bring you the latest news of the strongest brain. learn more
Forum Report
"Science and technology, for the common destiny of mankind" to build a platform for scientific and technological innovation cooperation and exchange with international influence. learn more
Space Forum Series
Top Scientists News
Forum Report
One of the Largest World Laureates' Organization
The World Laureates Association
One of the top international organizations with the largest number of top scientists in the world. Upholding the vision of ‘Science and Technology, for the Common Destiny of Mankind’, and our missions are threefold: Promote Basic Science, Advocate for International Cooperation, Committed to Youth Development.
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Roger Kornberg (left), chairman of the World Laureates Association and 2006 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, and Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang unveil the plaque of Shanghai Center of World Laureates Association on Tuesday.
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The 2nd World Laureates Forum - Shanghai Initiativ
The 2nd World Laureates Forum was held by the beautiful Lingang Dishui Lake in Shanghai. This historic conference allowed us to fully experience the infinite vitality of Shanghai, the charming city of the East.
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Gathering the best minds in the world
World Laureates Community
On October 29, 2018, at the Opening Ceremony of the 1st World Laureates Forum, the World Laureates Community Project was launched; significant progress has been made so far.
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The first piece of land for the World Laureates
On the 1st Anniversary of the establishment of the Lin'gang section of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, the World Laureates Community has auctioned off the first plot of land to build the permanent venue of the World Laureates Forum.
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